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Marine Claims

Some Important aspects and case studies.
1. Role of surveyor in loss assessment.

Coverage would depend upon terms & conditions of the policy i.e. clauses attached and provisions of marine insurance act1963.

Principles of Insurance of marine has to be kept in mind by the surveyor in loss assessment:

Principles of :

2. Type of Losses in Marine

1. Shortage loss – due to theft or transit loss.

2. Loss due to accident (material damage)

     Due to fire.
     Due to water, cyclone, floods etc.
     Due to vehicle accident.

2.1 Shortage Losses (Role of Surveyor)

2.2 Loss Due to Accident (Role of Surveyor)

3.0 How to Conduct the Survey

On receipt of intimation the surveyor has to obtain the details of loss & location & policy.

To visit the site as soon as possible (prompt action to avoid increase in loss) e.g. Bacteria, Fungus loss could increase due to delay.

To discuss with insured at site,

To arrange for Photographs / Videography.

To inspect the subject matter under loss at discharge of Cargo /Overseas Cargo

Machines etc.
Equipments etc.


Total Partial

Fire, Water heat affected to determine the salvage, for example CPT, News Print, Auto Parts etc.

In order to determine the following:

In Short we Summarise


The Role surveyor is :


5.0 Time Limit for Intimation, Suit Filing Against Carriers

S.No. Type Time of intimation Time for filing the suit
1. Sea carries 3 days 1 year
2. Rail 6 months 3 year
3. Rood 6 months 3 year
4. Air 7 days (damage) 2 year
5. Post Office 1 month (Deliver) 3 year
6. Part trust 7 days 7 month

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