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Business Interruption (Loss of Profit Policy Claims)

At SSC, we understand that being proactive and establishing early control is key to the successful handling of any business interruption loss. In addition, we have significant experience in accounts.. Where appropriate, our team of Chartered Accountants work to achieve the best possible outcome in this critical category of the insurance sector.


Business Interruption losses can be extremely complex and require a prompt and well-managed approach. Where required, we draw upon the expertise of specialists, including engineers and Chartered Accountants. We understand that we have an important role to play in identifying loss mitigation measures and savings. At the outset of our site investigations, we ensure that all critical production and financial data and marketing information are secured for analysis to determine the effects of the loss upon the business. By maintaining constant contact with the Insured and through regular team meetings, we monitor loss projection and keep our clients fully updated.


Our team of experts are familiar with:

Recent projects

We have dealt with major Business Interruption issues resulting from the following:

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