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Marine Claims > Case Study – II (In Bags items)

Losses of cement Uria, Pulses, Plastic Chemicals raw sugar in bags.

Type of Commodities & Steps to be taken

1. Glass/Tiles/Picture Tubes and Similar type of items

Chances of Frauds

If one consignee is continuously receiving similar type of items (glass – picture tubes, panels & funnels etc), and considering the nature of items there are more possibilities to the damages during the transit. Suppose the surveyor could not reach the site before the unloading, there is a possibility to show the surveyor old broken/damaged consignment (which may or may not Claimsd earlier).

2. Machinery

Chances of Frauds

3. Cloth/Cotton etc.

Chances of Frauds

4.0 Medicines/Food items etc.

Chances of Frauds

There is a possibility of showing old broken pieces of costly injection/ bottles and Claimsd that which were damaged in transit. In such circum stances the surveyor should cross verify the batch number and date of expiry on the bottle s well as the invoice

5.0 Paper Rolls/Aluminium Rolls etc

In case of paper rolls/ rims were cut/ wet during the transit, the following steps should be taken:

4T (D-T) X 4
D2- C2

Chances of Frauds

6.0 Liquid Type of Consignments

In case of bulk edible oil damaged with water:

2. It can be reprocessed by using some extra costs/ chemicals.
3. While calculating the loss, the following aspects should be keep in mind:

c. Loss due to weighment shortage
d. Extra expenses due to storage/transportation
e. It may also to verify the normal expenses for reprocessing the sound cargo and the actual expenses incurred for reprocessing the damaged cargo and the difference between both should be treated as loss.

In case of liquid type consignment evaporated/ leaked out

In case shortage in transit the following aspects to be cross checked.

Chances of Frauds

Firstly, to determine the exact quality/nature of item transported. In some cases, thy transported even water in the tanker and after the accident (intentional) they Claimsd that the consignment was some chemicals costing crores of rupees. In such circumstances the sampling and testing of left over chemical is required to prevent this type of frauds.

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