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Bulk Commodity Losses

Such as Wheat, Sugar, Pulses, Oil, Soya.

Surveyor's Role

To go to the site & have over all view of site.

To determine the actual qty of insured.

To identify the consignment of insured.

To identify/determine the loss after Segregation of item into safe, partially affected, totally affected e.g. wheat, pulses, sugar.

To record the evidence such as statement of spot witness of about circumstances of loss.

To call for documents related to the consignment such as:

To Verify the Documents Obtained

For e.g. Raw Sugar

To see the saving if any and reduce it:
To determine the salvage value of affected stocks.

To call few Salvage buyers for 3 quotations independently
To call for tendering process to sell the stock

For example of tendering process of wheat:

This disposal process would also cross check the weight and shortage

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